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The United States and Iran: Two Tracks to Establish Hegemony

James Petras :: 10.06.17

Presented to the Conference: “United States, Human Rights and the Discourse of Domination”. Sponsored by Iranian World Studies Association. Tehran, July 2, 2017

US policy in the Middle East and South Asia is shaped by several basic considerations:

1) US Imperialism is the force of global domination

2) US imperial policy in the Middle East focuses on encircling, destroying and dismantling Iran’s allies (Syria, Lebanon (Hezbollah), Iraq (Shi’a Militia), Qatar and Yemen with the intent of overthrowing the government and installing a client regime in Teheran.

3) The return of Iran to the status of puppet regime will advance Washington’s ultimate goal of encircling and isolating Russia and China.

4) The US overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran will facilitate Israel’s final seizure of Palestine, including Jerusalem, and establish Tel Aviv as the dominant regional power in the Middle East.

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