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Yemen: Economically repressed country

PresTV :: 08.05.15

Interview with James Petras
Britain ruled Yemen for decades, followed by a dictator, ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh, backed by the US and Saudi Arabia, who ruled Yemen until his ouster in 2011 through a revolution. This only meant that Yemenis did not get a fair share of their countries wealth.

Yemen’s economy has been battered by war and dictatorial rule, although the country possesses an immense economic potential.

Aside from its oil and gas reserves, although dwindling, the country possesses honey, coffee, and a vast fishing industry.

For example, Yemen’s extensive territorial waters and marine resources have the potential to produce 840,000 tons of fish each year.

Yet those industries are controlled by either the tribal elites or close associates of the palace, with no financial support by the government.

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